Cholesterol Diet Plan Advice

Cholesterol Diet Plan: Eat Healthier to Feel Healthier

Cholesterol Diet Plan: Eat Healthier to Feel Healthier

Cholesterol level can be easily brought down with the help of a well-balanced diet. Since cholesterol is one of the main causes of fatigue in older individuals, we have set out to find a great diet plan that will not only help you lower your cholesterol, but also help you shed off the pounds

A healthy diet will only work if you are 100% committed to making it work. If you want the diet plan to work, you will also need to cut down on the party lifestyle and even cut down on the smoking. This might be harder for older individuals and we would recommend the oxidized cholesterol strategy to help you achieve lower cholesterol levels.

With that being said, let’s look at some of the vital diets strategies to help you cut down on cholesterol:

Cholesterol diet plan

Control your portions

It is fine to overdo your portions in the holiday season and special times like thanksgiving, but it is highly recommended that you stay true to controlled portions and limit these to smaller amounts. The benefit from smaller portions are enormous and not only could this lead to weight loss, but your cholesterol levels will significantly drop as you are limiting the intake of cholesterol foods as well.

By eating healthier foods in smaller portions, you will speed up the base metabolic rate of your body and you will be able to burn fat much faster. This will also help eliminate the fatty acids found in the blood and thus it will open up your arteries and prevent heart problems

Avoid too much saturated fat

Saturated fat is not that common in our diets, but many people choose to cook all the food in oil and greasy substances. By eliminating the oily foods, you will automatically lower your low-density lipoproteins and this will increase the high-density lipoproteins.

With the good cholesterol higher, you will be feeling much better and also be more active and fatigue will not get the better of you. We recommend limiting your oil intake to fish oil and occasionally cooking food in olive oil. The better option for cooking food is water or the trusty old steamer

Replace snacks with healthy fresh fruits or raw vegetables

While nuts may also be a great choice to snack on. We highly recommend fruits and raw veggies. Nuts still contain saturated fats and since we as humans like to eat until we are stuffed, fruit will be great for neutralizing high cholesterol levels and even ensuring that you take in the daily recommended vitamins.

We do not want to force you to eat the fruits, so we recommend investing in a blender and creating healthy smoothies throughout the day. This will help with weight problems as well as lower your cholesterol

Increase protein levels

Protein is considered as the building blocks of the human body and we tend to forget about protein in the modern age. Yes, you will be able to quickly buy a taco or any fast food item, but they are covered in a lot of grease and this in turn will raise the low-density lipoproteins in your body.

It is highly recommended to buy extra lean red meat or to eat more chicken to keep your body in perfect shape and healthy. Red meat does contain considerably more saturated fat, but the protein will also help lower your cholesterol.

Investing in the oxidized cholesterol strategy for optimal and fast results

The oxidized cholesterol strategy incorporates some secret that are only known by some of the world class doctors to help lower cholesterol in a fast and efficient way. These secret methods may cost you a lot of money, but you could just have a look at the strategy oxidized cholesterol strategy, to see how you could save a few extra bucks and still lower your cholesterol at a fast and efficient rate

The strategy will reveal some of the well-known secrets at a fraction of the cost to ensure that you have a healthy old age and that you could enjoy those golden years with your family

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you now know how to lower your cholesterol with a few simple tweaks to your diet. We would like to encourage you to let us know if you have any questions or if you have more diet plans that could help you lower cholesterol

Home Remedies to Lower Cholesterol

Home Remedies to Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol can be lowered using a few simple tips and items that you have at home. These will gradually lower your cholesterol to better levels, but we still recommend visiting a doctor to make sure that you are on the right track with your cholesterol levels.

We have done some research to find you the top home remedies and a few secrets that will lower your cholesterol. These are all based on user experience and all of them might not work for every person, but we believe that the combination of these remedies could definitely have a huge impact on your cholesterol

Top Home Remedies to combat cholesterol


Onions contain properties believed by scientist to lower the bad cholesterol. Red onions more specifically have a profound effect on the low-density lipoproteins and they have also been known to elevate the good cholesterol.

This form of onions could be mixed in with your food and current diet, but we recommend getting them into your system as pure and raw as possible. To get the onions in your system, you could simply chop them up and add them to a little bit of cold water. You could also add them to a smoothie as they will not really affect the flavor.

Orange juice

A Higher level of vitamin C has also been known to increase the level of good cholesterol in the body. Research has indicated that 3 glasses of fresh 100% pure orange juice could help lower your cholesterol levels.

The process is simple and lowers the LDL or bad cholesterol, thus creating a greater balance of HDL/LDL in the body. This will ensure that your arteries are not clogged and that you also stay healthy and full of vitamins

Coconut oil

Even though this might seem counterintuitive, coconut oil is great for lifting the good cholesterol in the body and thus evening out the bad cholesterol and leaving you with the perfect cholesterol balance.

Even though it is a saturated fat, in the right amounts, coconut oil could have a profoundly good effect on the body. We do not recommend over using coconut oil, but only adding small moderate amounts to your diet


Oatmeal is a cheap and effective way of lowering your cholesterol. Since oats is full of soluble fiber, it will slow down the body’s absorption of cholesterol; this will need to be used in conjunction with coconut oil or fish oil to ensure that your body still has the good cholesterol that it needs to function

One cup of oats a day will not only keep you fuller but also give you more and longer lasting energy. You could even add yogurt and fruit to the meal to help increase the vitamin intake as well

Fish oil

Fish oil has been known all over the world as one of the unsung heroes of the generations. Not only will fish oil decrease the fatty acids found in the blood, but it will also help prevent heart disease and any other heart-related issues.

We recommend eating up to 4 grams of fish oil daily, or you could simply eat fish that are rich in omega 3. These fish include: Tuna, Mackerel, Trout and Salmon (Norwegian Salmon)


Nuts have been known for their high contents of fiber and quality taste that they add to food. Walnuts, in particular, have been known to lower cholesterol and ensure that the good cholesterol levels in the body are higher. This will create a greater balance between the two cholesterol levels and leave you feeling healthy

It is also recommended that you increase the intake of whole grain foods and quality fibers. This will speed up the digestion process and even save you money on your diet. We recommend a handful of walnuts every day as a snack

Healthy living

It will be extremely beneficial to start living a healthier lifestyle and to cut out things like drinking and smoking. We also recommend the oxidized cholesterol strategy as one of our top methods that could save you time and give you greater results in a shorter span of time.

With the strategy, you will learn little-known secrets about cholesterol and how to combat the problem caused by it. You will also be able to remedy the situation before it gets aggravated

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank you for reading the article and to let us know if you have any more suggestions and home remedies to help combat cholesterol. If you have any further questions, we would like to encourage you to let us know in the comment section

Cheapest and Most Effective Foods that are Low in Cholesterol

Cheapest and Most Effective Foods that are Low in Cholesterol

One of the first things that we need to look at is the amount of nutritional value that is found in foods. Nutritional value is a number of vitamins and energy that the food will put in our body and how well our bodies will use these nutrients to keep us energized and healthy.

Low cholesterol foods make this easy for us, as they are packed full of nutrients and some of them will even add great flavor to your current diet when it is combined with neutral foods. But this can also be countered by understanding which types of foods are high in cholesterol and that it may have a severe effect on the cholesterol level

We have done some research and found some of the best foods that are very affordable, full of flavor and also low in cholesterol. These foods can be added to your diet throughout the day to ensure that you have the perfect quality meals that are full of nutrients. It is also worth noticing that you check out the Blue Heron news to find out more about the Oxidized cholesterol strategy if you currently suffer from high cholesterol levels

List of top foods that are low in cholesterol

Fatty fish

Fish that are high in fat will naturally help lower your bad cholesterol levels, while still keeping the good cholesterol levels intact. This is one of the more expensive foods on the list, but it is definitely one the foods that will have the best effect on your cholesterol level

We highly recommend this food for anyone that is currently suffering from extremely high cholesterol. This can be used as a substitute for meat and any protein meals that is full of fat. The results will be slow, but still a lot cheaper than visiting your doctor


A little less expensive than fish, this food source is packed with vitamins and good fats to ensure that you have a quality and healthy snack. Walnuts are the most recommended, but science has also found that any type of nut will suffice.

One of the advantages that nuts will provide you with is the fact that it can be used in almost any meal and that it can also serve as a great snack to keep you going throughout the day. Nut might be a little expensive, but if you manage to find some on special, we highly recommend them

Fruits with a low sugar content

Depending on your level of cholesterol, you will be able to choose a good fruit to go with that level. Fruits are generally full of vitamins and this will not only help combat your cholesterol, but it will also keep you healthy at the same time

Another thing that fruits do is they speed up your metabolic rate. Most fruits are packed full of quality fiber that will allow you to eat more and maintain your current weight. We highly recommend fruits as part of a healthy diet to combat cholesterol


His is one of the cheapest foods, but it packs some of the most nutritional value to users. Oats has been known to keep you fuller for longer periods of time and to help increase your metabolic rate. Oats is generally eaten as a breakfast, but we also recommend snacking on meals that contain oats throughout the day


Finally, we cannot leave out one of the classics. Veggies will help increase the available nutrients in your body and most of it can even be eaten raw to ensure that you get the most nutritional value from the food.

Veggies are quite cheap and they will add a lot of flavor and value to every meal. We highly recommend veggies to any individual and you will see that your cholesterol levels gradually start to drop when eating veggies

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you now have a better idea of which foods will help you with high cholesterol levels. Should your cholesterol levels be extremely high, we would recommend having a look at the oxidized cholesterol strategy for fast and efficient results that will have you feeling great in no time.

We would like to encourage you to let us know of any foods that we might have missed and to ask us if you have any questions related to cholesterol foods and levels.

Low Cholesterol Meal Plan

Low Cholesterol Meal Plan

When we think of low cholesterol meals, we always think diet. And while this might be true, the goal of lowering your cholesterol does not directly relate to eating less and cleaner foods. Cleaner foods will help you feel healthier, but in terms of cholesterol, you will need to plan your meals to be perfectly balanced and rich in foods that will lower your bad cholesterol levels

We have sought out some of the top food sources that can be combined in your meal plan and thus used to lower your cholesterol. If you have extremely higher levels, we recommend the oxidized cholesterol strategy to get you on the right track in an affordable and healthy way. These foods won’t cost you and arm and a leg and you will feel more fulfilled and fuller throughout the day

Best meal plans that will shake up your day and keep you full of energy:

Add oats to your first meal of the day

The first meal of the day is considered to be the most important meal of the day. With this meal, we highly recommend cutting out some of the fatty food like bacon, but this can be used sparingly on occasions or once you have total control over your cholesterol levels

Oatmeal is great for the digestive system and it also helps to lower the bad cholesterol in the body. This will increase the good cholesterol levels and ensure that your body is fully functional. We also highly recommend adding orange juice or any pure fruit juice that is low in sugar, but full of vitamins to your fist meal. This will ensure that you easily get through the first part of the day

Cut down on snacks that are high in fat

Fatty foods will lift your cholesterol levels extremely fast. When we snack on these foods, we do not necessarily keep track of the amount of fat that we have consumed. This might not be extremely bad for you as you are young, but once you get older all of the cholesterol from those fatty foods will have built up

The oxidized cholesterol strategy will be great for you if you are a victim of this and this will help lower your cholesterol at a rapid rate and you will be able to enjoy some of the delicious foods again.

Add some lean meat to your lunch

Lean meat does not directly impact the cholesterol, but it will keep the cholesterol levels steady for the time being. By adding more foods that will lower your cholesterol, you will be able to achieve a better cholesterol level in no time.

We recommend adding fruits and nuts to your lunch, this will make up for the fat that you are cutting down on and your body definitely needs fat for your brain to function properly. We have seen that by adding foods that are high in saturated fats to your diet can be highly beneficial. This should be done at the correct measurements

Fish oil is great before bed

Fish oil has always been known as a good fat. It contains high levels of omega 3 and this will lubricate your joints and also help with the functioning of the brain. For cholesterol, it is almost imperative that you add some sort of omega 3 to your diet.

Omega 3 has been known to increase the good cholesterol levels in the body and this will neutralize the effect of the bad cholesterol. We highly recommend adding a fish oil supplement to your last meal or just before bed if you do not have the opportunity to eat fish on a regular basis.

Final Thoughts

Aside from the oxidized cholesterol strategy, which will definitely save you a lot of money, these foods will work perfectly with your meal plan. It is important to plan all of your meal throughout the week to ensure that you know exactly what you are putting in your body.

These foods will also keep you full of energy throughout the day and you will be able to lower your cholesterol before it becomes dangerous.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would like to encourage you to ask us any questions that you might have on cholesterol meals. We hope that you now understand how easy it is to lower your cholesterol by making a few simple tweaks to your diet

Natural Supplements to Lower Cholesterol

Natural Supplements to Lower Cholesterol

Sometimes it is difficult to find the time to eat all of the meals that are required to lower cholesterol efficiently. To make sure that you still have the opportunity to lower your cholesterol, scientists have developed wide ranges of supplements that can be used to lower cholesterol.

All of the supplements on our list are packed full of healthy vitamins and nutrients to ensure that you keep living the healthy lifestyle in this modern age of speed and work. These supplements also contain natural products that are used to lower your cholesterol and keep it at a healthy and safe level

Before we look at these supplements, it is important to know that you need to have your cholesterol levels checked regularly and that these supplements are not miracle workers, but they will only gradually help improve cholesterol. The oxidized cholesterol strategy will help you lower your cholesterol at a faster rate and at a more affordable price

Top supplements to help you lower your cholesterol

Fish oil capsules

Eating a good amount of fish every week can become quite expensive, but now you will be able to reduce the cost of the fish and only use the oil that will help lower your bad cholesterol levels. Fish oil is also amazing for your health and it contains omega 3 that is needed to help the brain function at a more efficient level

We highly recommend this supplement in addition to a healthy balanced diet for optimal effects, but it can be used every day for lowering cholesterol as well. This supplement is much more affordable than pure fish, but it will work perfectly as a substitute


Niacin is found in most heart-healthy medication packages and vitamin boosts. It is essentially a B vitamin that helps lower the bad cholesterol and at the same time it also increases the amount of good cholesterol in the body

This supplement is really affordable and it can be bought as a stand-alone supplement as well, though we highly recommend using this with some anti-oxidants to ensure that your liver does not get overwhelmed. This supplement will have you feeling better in no time

Sterols and Stanols

The plant compound can be found in many food sources and the FDA will allow labels that claim to reduce heart disease only if the product contains at least 400 milligrams of sterols. The supplement is as natural as you can find and it can even be bought as a stand-alone product.

The compound is known to reduce cholesterol by 9 to 20% and ensures that you feel much better and have an affordable way to combat cholesterol. Unfortunately, they do not increase the good cholesterol, but this supplement could be used in conjunction with many others to gain optimal results

Red Yeast Rice Extract

This is one of the newer, but more expensive supplements on the market. The extract comes from Asia and has been used in many countries as a heart remedy. The main ingredient is monacolin K and this lowers the rate at which cholesterol is produced in the liver.

This supplement will lower the amount of cholesterol that is transported to the arteries and the higher cholesterol levels will be able to gain strength and number over time. Unfortunately, the supplement is quite expensive


This natural soluble fiber is usually sold as a fiber or a laxative. This fiber contains a lot of strong properties that will lower the bad cholesterol and ensure that your cholesterol levels are at an equal rate. The product will also help to naturally reduce the overall level of cholesterol in the body.

Psyllium will work great if it is combined with a healthy and balanced diet. The product might not be that effective on its own and we recommend using the oxidized cholesterol strategy to help get your cholesterol levels in the recommended range at a more affordable price

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you know have the knowledge to make a better choice regarding your supplements. These are the five that we believe to be most effective and still do not command a huge price.

We would like to encourage you to let us know if you have any questions regarding supplements or the ingredients that they might contain. We would also like to encourage you to let us know of any other supplements that you feel are helpful