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What is a Good Cholesterol Level: Lower Your Cholesterol to Prevent Serious Illness

What is a Good Cholesterol Level Lower Your Cholesterol to Prevent Serious Illness

Living healthy is one of the most common phrases currently thrown around and the web is no different. Healthy living certainly is important and it can all start with your cholesterol levels. Cholesterol might not be as important when you are young, but as you get older, cholesterol will play a vital role in how your body regulates blood and prevents serious illness.

The sooner you start paying attention to cholesterol, the better for your overall health. You will have a sure advantage in terms of health as you get older and you might even jump over a few hurdles that other older people do not have the capabilities. Your fitness levels will certainly be higher and you will feel more energetic throughout the day.

Where does cholesterol start and how will it affect me?

While most older people suffer from the side effects caused by cholesterol, it is not limited to them and younger generations have also become victims of high cholesterol that has led to early and unexpected deaths.

Cholesterol usually starts out in the liver and moves through the body using lipoproteins as transport. Low-density lipoproteins transport the cholesterol throughout the body where it is needed and once your body has enough cholesterol, the low-density lipoproteins will simply dump the cholesterol on the arteries. This is why low-density lipoproteins are also known as “bad Cholesterol”

The high-density lipoproteins will then pick up the cholesterol and transport it back to the liver for repurposing. This I what we call “good cholesterol”. If your body does not have enough high-density lipoproteins, the low-density lipoproteins will only keep stacking the cholesterol on your arteries and this is where they become infected or plagued by disease.

As your coronary arteries start to narrow with all of the cholesterol that has been piled upon them, the blood circulation will start wearing down and your brain and heart will receive fewer amounts of blood. Once they become fully blocked, your heart will stop receiving blood and this is when a heart attack usually occurs

These symptoms are easily recognizable in the form of chronic chest pain and also added discomfort and a feeling of pressure on the chest. Once these symptoms occur, you should visit your nearest Doctor for a regular check up to identify the problem and have them advise you on choosing your diet.

Clogged arteries will not only cause you discomfort, but they will also increase the level of fatigue that you are experiencing and this could hinder you on most of your daily activities. By unclogging your arteries, you will be able to breathe more easily and within a few days, your life might return back to normal. The key is to keep it that way and we have a new and revolutionary method that will help you unclog up to 93% of your arteries in a matter of days.

The effect of cholesterol on the digestive system

Cholesterol will not only put your life in danger, but it also has a profound effect on the digestive system. When your cholesterol levels are too high, it could possibly cause a bile imbalance in the body. This could lead to gallstones and according to studies, about 80% of all gallstones cholesterol affected stones

This means that if you have a known condition of gallstones, it is imperative that you find a way to lessen your cholesterol and the problem might not come back. These could be done by doctors or basic methods of changing your diet and following a healthy lifestyle

Furthermore, once your arteries have been clogged and the blood almost completely blocked, your body will stop transporting blood to your kidneys and your stomach. This could have severe effects on your weight and you might gain weight as the digestive system has been slowed down. If you withhold enough blood from your kidneys, they will cease to function and eventually die down. This could lead to kidney failure and ultimately death if not cured as soon as possible.

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What leads to high cholesterol?

While it might be impossible to directly accuse one specific action of the reasons that your cholesterol is high, there could be a few more common reasons that your cholesterol is higher than normal. These can vary from person to person to person, but they do entail the same common basis

In most adults, the reason for higher cholesterol is an unhealthy lifestyle. This might not affect you now as you are still coming off age, but eventually the hard partying and unhealthy living might catch up to you. Some people love to keep on going well past the age of 30 and this is definitely not recommended by any medical practitioner.

At the age of 30, you should not only be thinking of retirement plans for the future but also in which state of health you are currently in. This should give you enough time to make the necessary changes to ensure that you pick up any problems as soon as possible

In women, cholesterol could start at an earlier age. This is due to the fact that on average, men are more active than women in everyday life. Men also have the added advantage of testosterone. This could be both good and negative and should you be one of the more active men, your testosterone levels will naturally be higher and this will allow you to have better blood flow and circulation

Another huge problem that may lead to cholesterol is an unhealthy diet. Many people just focus on work all the time or they like to sit at home in front of the television and snack on everything in the house. While this may be fine occasionally, you cannot make a habit out of it.

By making a habit of not eating correctly, you will increase the fat in the body and this will also increase the overall cholesterol. The combination of this will only cause you to gain more weight and you might eventually even end up as a diabetic

We recommend sticking to a well-balanced and healthy diet with the occasional time for just snacking and doing nothing. Workaholics should put more emphasis on trying to eat healthy as this could eventually lead to lower levels of productivity, higher levels of fatigue and more stress. This will all eventually lead to exhaustion and illness

What are the recommended cholesterol levels by age?

Scientists have spent millions of dollars on this question and still we are only able to provide you with estimates. These estimates will ensure that you live healthily and that and also keep your body from getting exhausted. By using our methods, you will be able to reach these levels much faster and with fewer troubles, but by no means can anyone guarantee that you will never die of a heart attack.

All of the levels that we are about to show you, have been approved and recommended by the National heart, lung and blood institute. These levels are considered to be the safe range and while we know it might be impossible to reach those levels, we have also broken them up into estimates to give you and estimation of where a safe cholesterol level will be for your age.


Children are not excluded from the seriousness that is cholesterol and it is recommended that children have cholesterol levels of 170 mg/DL. 200mg/DL is considered to be too high. Anything in between will still be fine, but once it reaches the 200 level, you and your child should seek medical help or try ways of reducing the levels of cholesterol

Children should also have their cholesterol checked between the ages of 9 and 12 and then again at 17 to 21. If your child lives in a family that is plagued by diabetes, it is recommended that you have your child checked between the ages of 2 and 8 and then again between the ages of 12 and 16. This is to help pick up any medical condition at an early age and to ensure that your child can start making changes at an early age


It is recommended that adults have their cholesterol checked every 6 years from the age of 20. This is when we see cholesterol start to rise drastically in adults. Men tend to be at a higher risk from the age of 20, but women will increase the level of risk they have once they reach menopause

For adults, the recommended level is 200mg/DL, but the maximum is 240mg/DL. This is considered to be extremely dangerous and it is recommended that adults keep their cholesterol level closer to 220mg/DL. This is just to be safe and to help eliminate the risk of cardiovascular disease

Should I stop partying at 20?

Theoretically, the answer should be yes and according to statistics, the answer should once again be yes, but we only recommend scaling down as you get older to help prevent the cholesterol from starting in the first place.

The older you get, the more vulnerable you become to cholesterol and if you were not fortunate enough to live a healthy life, you might need to start doing that and cutting on unnecessary fats and oils. It is also imperative to stop smoking as this could also play a huge part in lowering you high-density lipoproteins that will remove the cholesterol from your arteries and allow the blood flow to work perfectly and flow freely once again.

The party life does not need to disappear, it is just important to make time for health as well and to pay regular visits to your doctors. Should you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms, it is imperative that you contact your doctor immediately and try to remedy the problem before it gets worse.

It is also worth mentioning that every person is different. Because of this, it is vitally important that you ask your doctor what your ideal cholesterol levels should be. Your family history and/or medical conditions will directly affect the levels of your cholesterol. Even people that are extremely healthy and fit, still suffer from the occasional heart attack

Want we recommend

Aside from a healthy diet, we highly recommend the oxidized cholesterol strategy. This strategy has been proven and definitely works. We recommend just checking out Blue Heron Health News and you could maybe have your life changed for the better.

This strategy is not just for older people and it can be followed by any individual from any age. We highly recommend this in conjunction with a healthy diet and some regular visits to you health practitioner.

It is also important to limit your cholesterol intake from a young age and to not overdo the alcohol too often. This strategy might work wonders, but you will also need to provide your full support in order for the strategy and product to perfectly do its job.

Smoking is another big problem and this could even lead to cancer and increase your cholesterol, especially people that stop smoking are at risk of cholesterol as smoking can usually suppress your appetite. Now with nothing to suppress the appetite things could quickly unravel and get out of hand.

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we really hope that you now have a better understanding of the correct cholesterol levels. We also hope that you understand the importance of looking after yourself and limiting your cholesterol intake from an early age.

We would like to encourage you to check out the Blue Heron Health News strategy and you might even see wonders happen with your cholesterol levels. If you have any further questions, we would like to encourage you to let us know in the comment section below and we will do our best to find the answers for you.

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